Mérite Jeunesse AL




Welcome to the Mérite Jeunesse at the Athénée !

First, you need to determine what level is right for you.

The Award is divided into three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Depending on your age and experience, you may choose to start at the beginning (Bronze) and work your way up, or jump right in to Silver or Gold.

Completing a level of the Award can take as little as 6 months, or 18 months or more, depending on your level and personal pace.

There are many benefits to doing The Award. Here are just a few of the key points about doing it:


Opening hours:

Every Wednesday

from 13:05-13:55 at N101

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  1. -Mme. Anne Buchler

  2. -Mme. Renée Fernandes

  3. -M. Raoul Weicker

  4. -M. David Burg

Expedition Assessors:

  1. -Mme. Anne Buchler

  2. -M. David Burg